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DiversePayments is a financial services company that serves merchants and retailers nationwide. Our innovative consumer financing options enable consumers to secure affordable financing for a variety of consumer goods and services. Our company has vast experience providing exclusive finance programs in consumer lending. We are known for our unique and easy-to-implement solutions to industry challenges.

We are also a pioneer of the full-service finance model in the consumer finance industry and we take pride in our exceptional customer service and support. Our company operates in a wide variety of consumer and retail markets, in addition to constantly developing new niches for our core business solutions to serve.

Our services and products are exclusive! We offer 4 unique patient financing solutions on one platform to help more consumers get approved. DiversePayments truly stands at the forefront of industry innovation and our creative solutions are revolutionizing the way consumers and merchants nationwide gain access to financing.

Let help you get more business and your customer’s affordable payment options.

In today's tight credit markets it has been getting more difficult for businesses to get customers approved through conventional financing. is able to assist companies solve their consumer financing challenges by utilizing the alliances that it has made with the industry’s top lenders, banks, hedge funds, and servicing companies. Through these important relationships, is able to offer its merchants the most versatile and progressive finance programs available.

Consumer financing programs that work for businesses selling products and services of all sizes.

DiversePayments. com has access to unique programs in a wide variety of industries. Our merchants range from small mom and pop businesses to medium businesses and businesses doing $1 Million in annual revenue to Fortune 500 companies. has access to over $1 Billion in funding for consumer finance programs.

Our finance programs and payment options are designed to work for a variety of credit levels.

DiversePayments. com gives your business the ability to offer a wide variety of flexible affordable finance programs and payment plans. Our programs are divided into 3 main categories; Prime-Near Prime programs, Sub-prime programs and Check Payment Plans. Prime-Near Prime programs are for those consumers with good to great credit.

Applicants that have good to strong credit qualify for this program which offers competitively low interest rates and higher credit limits. Sub-prime programs are for applicants with fair to marginal credit and offers mid-size credit limits with favorable interest rates. Check Payment Plans are designed for applicants that have had credit problems in the past and are approved based on ability to pay rather than their credit score or history.

About DiversePayments

DiversePayments corporate headquarters and our lending operations center are both located in Laguna Hills, California.
For more information about DiversePayments or for media and investor inquiries, please email or call 855.800.2580. We look forward to serving you and assist increasing your revenue.




Our financing portal can provide your customers with quick credit decisions allowing you to offer financing right at the point of sale. Now, you won't have to worry about losing out on potential customers to pay for your goods and services.

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By offering your clients a streamlined financing option, you can have the power to sell more than ever before. Through our proprietary financing portal we have the ability to approve more loans with affordable payments.

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Financing has shown to increase overall ticket size and sales volume as your customers will feel more comfortable purchasing your goods and services over time with low monthly payments.

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